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Floor Maintenance

Office floor cleaning and maintenance All types of flooring can be cleaned and maintained to a very high standard using the latest equipment and technology.

Your flooring is often the first thing that a prospective or existing customer might see when entering your premises so it is vitally important to keep on top of it and not let it fall into disrepair. Attractive and well maintained flooring can also provide a better working environment for your staff.

Whatever your type of office flooring we can recommend a floor cleaning programme to always ensure that your office remains in pristine condition at all times.

Resilient flooring (natural and synthetic) requires regular stripping, sealing and dressing to maintain its effectiveness and general appearance.

In hardwood flooring, damage can range from fading, in high traffic areas, to extensive warping and cracking from moisture exposure. Treatment, whether by waxing or power sanding, ensures a good aesthetic, a sanitary floor and a safe, inhabitable space.

Hard flooring, such as concrete, which as a mixture of cement, sand and water, has a tendency to create dust problems if not properly sealed. Mops and buckets are no longer effective to maintain these floors so our operatives are trained to use specialist rotary cleaners to keep floors clean and grease free, reducing the risk of accidents.
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