COVID-19 Prevention Cleaning

Using a spray misting decontamination system proven to kill coronavirus in 30 seconds;

  • Food Safe
  • Proven to kill bacteria EN1276 killing 99.99% of bacteria. It is suitable and approved for dirty as well as clean surfaces (5 minutes kill time on dirty surfaces).
  • It is self-contained, pre pressurised cylinder that can be used anywhere.
  • The cannister is not an alcohol-based product, making this completely non-flammable so can be used around electrics unlike other alcohol-based sprays.
  • Suitable for hard and soft surfaces including upholstery, leather, plastic and metal.
  • Areas are left safe and ready to use immediately.
  • Can be used in environments such as; Domestic and Work Environments, National Health Service, Transportation and Vehicles




This is the usual cleaning that happened before COVID-19 and is still needed.  Now with enhanced procedures, for example additional PPE and virucidal products used for cleaning desks and hard surfaces.



This is the most important part of the cleaning during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

In short, sanitising of all the common areas where people tend to have most physical contact, for example door handles and push plates, lift buttons, stair banisters, window latches etc.  as well as personal work areas i.e chair arms and backs, telephones, keyboards and mouse.



Required for offices that have been closed for some time, it is a thorough clean of the entire office and its contents.  It is recommended following this clean we include a High touch Point Clean or Preventative Covid Clean – leaving the whole office safe and ready to re-open.

Deep Cleans are also recommended periodically for all buildings, and can include door frames and paintwork, hard to reach areas, light fittings, high levels, carpets etc.


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